Thursday, 13 November 2008

My Person.

My person is not a little hard core
inside of me,
a little fully formed statue,
that is permanent and fixed,
brittle and rigid,
unchangeable and sore.

My person rather implies,
a dynamic process,
a flexible course,
a steady increase.

In other words,
if you knew me yesterday,
please do not think
that it´s the same person
that you´re meeting today.

I´ve experienced
more of life
in each yesterday,
I´ve encountered
new depths
in those I love,
I've achieved
of what I have,
I've quieted 
many storms,
I've threaded
rocky paths,
I´ve uncovered
both troubled waters and 
calm ponds,
I´ve discovered
fresh strenghts,
in who I am.
I´ve fallen
I´ve risen
I´ve cried
I´ve laughed
I've prayed
And I´m different.

Approach me then,
with a sense of wonder,
take a pause,
study my face, my hand,
my voice, my person,
for signs of change.
For it´s certain,
that I´ve changed.
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