Friday, 5 December 2008

In the hospital again...

In the midst of all the confusion,
the uncertainty of tomorrow,
the certainty of today,
the assurance of the many blessings recieved,
the expectations of all that tomorrow hold,
the mixed feelings that always accompanies
memories of the past.

In the midst of all the voices,
the uncertainty of societal norms,
the certainty of right and wrong,
the misinterpretation of conventional behaviour,
the misplacement of loyalties and priorities,
In the midst of it all,
I see a haven in those eyes.

Friday, 14 November 2008

My life is my art.

I´m an artist.
My life is my art,
a web of complex contradictions,
a string of simple intersections,
I´m an enigma,
with a sweet distinctive stigma.
Heartily, I live the art
that is my life.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Ramblings from my hospital bed.

Head on the pillow,
looking out the window,
seeing the high rises,
gazing at the city lights,
from the rising of the sun,
to the setting of the sun .

In between-
as seconds ticks by,
Every minute reveals
a different truth,
Every hour tells
a different story.

The intensity of the sun,
the diversity of its scorch,
the look on peoples faces,
the spring in their steps.

Each day, a new story,
not always with a happy ending,
but always a different story.

My Person.

My person is not a little hard core
inside of me,
a little fully formed statue,
that is permanent and fixed,
brittle and rigid,
unchangeable and sore.

My person rather implies,
a dynamic process,
a flexible course,
a steady increase.

In other words,
if you knew me yesterday,
please do not think
that it´s the same person
that you´re meeting today.

I´ve experienced
more of life
in each yesterday,
I´ve encountered
new depths
in those I love,
I've achieved
of what I have,
I've quieted 
many storms,
I've threaded
rocky paths,
I´ve uncovered
both troubled waters and 
calm ponds,
I´ve discovered
fresh strenghts,
in who I am.
I´ve fallen
I´ve risen
I´ve cried
I´ve laughed
I've prayed
And I´m different.

Approach me then,
with a sense of wonder,
take a pause,
study my face, my hand,
my voice, my person,
for signs of change.
For it´s certain,
that I´ve changed.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I could have told you one more time.

I could have told you,
just once more,
how much I love you,
I could have told you,
once more,
what joys you brought,
what lessons you taught,
what inspirations you built.

But you left,
too soon,

It wasn´t enough,
the times I told you...
I could´ve said it,
one more time,
how much I still love you.
Mum, I could have told you
a lot more!
As humble a woman as my Mum.
As humble a woman as she was,
as humble was her life we saw,
she gleamed like the star she was,
a life very conscientious she lived,
examples enduring she laid,
stand tall always, she said,
against every adversary,
that way, you don´t end up in shame,
or in wanton misery.

As humble a woman as she was,
as humble was her begining she said,
her life was a struggle,
but an ulitmate seat at the head,
And though she sometimes stumbled,
she learned to always again rise high,
she taught us to always aim beyond the sky,
so at worst, land on the roof,
And to live each day at a time,
with uprightness imbibed in our roots.

Constantly thankful and amazed we are,
as the compassionate fulfilment
of her life transcends time,
confidently certain and assured,
that her creator was her strenght,
as she made her life sublime.

As humble a woman as she was,
as humble was the legacy she left,
her ways and wisdom we learnt,
Be kind to everyone you meet,
for we are all one, she would say,
never expect too much from anyone
and be grateful for all you get,
Be honest in all you do, she would say
to yourself above all.

As humble a woman as she was,
your destiny is in your hands, she said,
with determination and hardwork,
you can be anything you want to be,
patience will come in handy,
but your peace of mind is worth the wait.
And my daughter, she said,
always keep a smile about,
and a twinkle in your eyes.

As humble a woman as she was,
as humble was her last days,
leaving behind no debts, enemies or foes,
but loving memories of her to stay,
on that heavenly flight that fateful day,
was a great woman in every way,
Deep peace of the quiet earth,
and shinning stars to you, my Mum
As great a woman I hope to be,
A woman as humble as was my Mum.