Monday, 26 March 2012

That feeling again

Today, I had that feeling again. It was a mixture of stillness and euphoria.
A combination of trepidation and ecstasy,
My head sometimes seems to be playing tricks on me,
but I´m certain that there exists a reason for all that I´m getting myself involved in.
I haven't been able to shake off the huge cloud that seems to be hanging over my head.
But, after looking long enough, I've caught a glimpse of a silver lining.
The clouds are still there, but that must be the promise of rain.
It needs to rain and then the clouds will disappear.
I remember an ephemeral display of the unimaginable,
I see my sacred places become a playground for the gods.
Tomorrow appears to be perennial, but even that is an illusion.
The joke appears to be on me and today, I had that feeling again.
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