Monday, 3 October 2011

Me, my hormones and I.

It´s not that time of the month, and  my hormones seem to have suddenly gone haywire... I´m craving lemonade like it´s going out of business. I suddenly can´t understand what´s so special about chocolate. I look at my husband and I have not the faintest inkling how I  ended up with the dear man. The sound of my phones ringing makes me want to scream. Even my computer screen has no attraction whatsoever for me. The weather seems unbearable and I have absolutley no urge to be in contact with anything or anyone who even remotely resembles or reminds me of the human race.
How bad can it get? I´m not depressed, technically... I´m not sad or bereaved... Things seem to going rather well for me at the moment, well, mostly. I have nothing to complain about, well, nothing except my hormones, which is why the word, "Hormonal imbalance" now looks like a life saver. At least, it closely qualified as a relatively safe definition for this wierd feeling.
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