Sunday, 16 October 2011

Santa came around early.

Life is truly full of surprises and can shove some unexpected things in your face.
I looked for you without knowing exactly what it was I was looking for. I was almost on the brink of giving up  and then, suddenly..
You came to me as one of life´s really pleasant surprises, and even though it might be too soon to tell, you just might be what I didn´t even know that I desprately needed, and it´s not even my birthday yet.
The limitations abound but I only wish to enjoy this gift of life, and hope that by the time my birthday gets here, you my present, would have only gotten better.
Thank you for being ever so gentle, ever so kind and ever so sweet.
Thank you for coming along with me.
Thank you for finding me.
We´ve only just started... and for as long as you´ll be here, you´ve got almost all of me.
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