Monday, 20 October 2014


Trying to follow in my mother's footstep, I have been a woman of principle for many years and I've found that one of the very many good qualities that help people stay both emotionally and psychologically balanced is respect. Respect helps keep the heart free of hate and malice, it is a constant reminder never to judge anyone and it helps keep dignity intact.

So, I have learnt to have and to show respect for the world around me and everyone in it.
Respect for my maker.
Respect for my roots.
Respect for myself.
Respect for my beginnings.
Respect for my imperfections.
But, above all, respect for others.
Respect for authorities.
Respect for everyone, both young and old, rich and poor, educated and uneducated.
Respect for people's time and resources.
Respecting people's right to their own opinion.
Respecting their right to agree with me or to disagree.
Respecting people's right to see things differently, to be different.
Respecting people's right to their individual identities.

On the one hand, I know it is generally difficult to deal with people, because they will be ones whose opinions and ways of doing things will seem apparently wrong or misguided to us. But, I have also come to realise that respect is a debt I owe to everyone and one which I must pay.
Respect for traits I dislike, sometimes is a herculean task. I say traits, because in my life, I am yet to meet one person who I entirely dislike. I always manage to find something nice in everyone I meet and I try to focus on that. However, respecting people who has no respect for others requires divine strength. But, like I mentioned earlier, I must pay my debt.

So, to make things easier for myself, I wake up daily and I chose to advance my mindset, and everyday I make respect a priority. And prioritising respect has taught me innumerable lessons. At first, it was no small feat, but with a whole lot of determination, strong will and time, I am the better for it. I have noticed many positive changes in my life. And, what's more, it has become a way of life. 

My respect for everyone I meet has become my gift to people, it has also become both my weapon and my defense. I have found that it doesn’t give anyone a chance to hurt my feelings, because they lack grounds and reasons to do it. And, even when some people do manage to hurt me, respect for myself has helped me rise above any negative feelings.
Respect is a powerful tool.
It makes one more mature and knowledgeable.

You might not realize this little, but significant truth, but feeling hatred and harbouring a grudge against others is not only a complete waste of time, energy and strenght, it is also one of the biggest causes of stress and frayed nerves. Negative thinking and destructive emotions usually bring sufferings and misery. I have realized that the sooner we all admit and acknowledge this truth, the quicker we’ll learn to live with people in peace and in accord.

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