Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Good Old Days? Really?

Most of us grew up listening to stories of the good old days, when the world was a kinder, gentler place. The music was better, athletes were tougher, and people were generally honest. 
I have seen and heard a lot of people celebrating the past and past achievements. 
They yearn for the old ways of doing things while being less concerned and even absent minded about the present.
Some people crave the glory of the past while being mesmerised by the uncertainty of the future. 
And so, they fail to take advantage of the opportunities that the present proffers neither do they make adequate preparations for the future. They overlook the favourable circumstances that surround the present and they do not take note of the promises of the future.
They end up thinking that the past was better than the present and they become too scared to take charge of and create their own future. 
This way of thinking is handed down from generation to generation while its purveyors have no idea how insidious and destructive it is.
 People who believe their best days are behind them rarely succeed in anything, and they often struggle with being genuinely grateful for the blessings of today and the promises of tomorrow. Happiness and peace of mind becomes a fathom, depression is more rampant.

To escape this, one must therefore constantly do the following (in no particular order): 
Have faith that your life is a work in progress.
Practice mindfulness.
Believe that the past was neither too good nor too bad.
Be future-oriented and optimistic about what lies ahead. 
Never be afraid of the future.
Appreciate and learn from the past while living in the present and dreaming of the future.
Envision your future. 
Dare to reach out and create the future you desire.
Be willing to bet on yourself and project your dreams, goals, and ideas into that envisioned though yet unknown future. 
Let your faith guide your today and never lose hope for a brighter tomorrow.
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