Saturday, 18 October 2014

These things should be part of your life's mission statements.

Life is full of constant learning curves and as we all get older, it should be imperative that we continue learning. Changing mindsets, altering approaches, improving attitudes, learning and unlearning certain things. We should be both willing to change and open to change when it comes. 
After many years of life and experience, I have come to the realisation that EVERYONE is both uniquely perfect and uniquely imperfect at the same time. I have become cognisant of the fact that EVERYONE has been both uniquely blessed and uniquely wounded.
 Consequently, we all need to consistently perform repairs and maintenance on our lives and sometimes we might need to possibly courageously consider an Extreme Makeover.

Let this therefore be part of your moving forward mission statement:

To transform the WOUNDS into WISDOM. 
To NEVER stop learning (you're just not there yet).
And, above all, to apply the lessons learned in life (including the ones from the University of Adversity) to change, grow, improve, mature, and become a VICTOR instead of a VICTIM.
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