Monday, 26 March 2012

The call.

When I picked up my phone last night and saw her missed call, my first thought was, "what now?"
Abby was a great girl; fun loving, cheerful, hard working, but more stubborn than a mule. When she told me 2 years ago, that she was leaving her marriage of 2 years, with a little girl of a little more than a year, I couldn't think of anything to tell her.

Theirs had been a stormy relationship while they were still dating, but she always went back to him, and finally, they got married. Two months after the wedding, she called to say she was expecting, everybody was happy. It seemed to be a happy ending for them after all.

After the birth of their daughter, Rose, trouble reared its head again, and again, it was her fault, her husband said.
"She is too stubborn", he complained incessantly.
He continuously berated her for her willfulness, her unwillingness to listen to him.
Abby didn't help matters, as she went about her business paying no heed to him.
"He is too demanding and lazy", Abby whined.
What puzzled me was how they both conveniently didn't remember that they were both exactly the same way during the 3 years that their all famous courtship lasted.

When they came to me, each alone, I urged them to be patient with each other and accept each other as they both were, without trying to change each other. Obviously, they didn't heed my suggestions.
They even tried a little bit of counseling; Abby went once and didn't return.

Both of them were so dammed impatient, none wanted to cede and they both stood their grounds
and didn't want to give their marriage any chance.
Love had burned out! After their daughter's second birthday, she filed for divorce.
Two years has passed, and now, Abby is the happening girl in town. She has shed what little weight she gained with pregnancy and childbirth,and I have to admit that she looks absolutely gorgeous. I've seen her with Charles, and their little girl together, probably coming from school plays or going to church, and Charles looked so little next to her, and I don't mean in size.
She has obviously moved on and moved up in life. They are not in the same level, no not anymore.
She is reportedly seen in all the parties and she is steadily building up a reputation.

She was never shy, to begin with, but the speed with which she seems determined to climb the social ladder is rather alarming, and the easiness with which she seems to be achieving it seems even more so.

Abby didn't bat an eyelid when she non chalantly told me, that she was having the time of her life and that she isn't willing to pass on the opportunity to be happy.

Really, I couldn't say anything to that. All that was left to do was to wish her all the best, after all, I do want her to be happy.
So, be it leaving her husband, partying hard, not giving heed to my tentative advice or just breaking what was considered by the society as the norms of good behaviour, if it makes her happy... who am I to say otherwise?

S0, that evening she called to say that I shouldn´t believe all that I might hear about her or see in Facebook. I wasn´t sure why she was worried about that and I told her so. She didn´t answer. But she sounded quite tired and when I asked, she swore it was work related stress and the burden of taking care of  little Rose.

The question which I still don´t have an answer to is: Is she really happy?
It looks like it, but you never know.
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