Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Me that I know...

Believing in yourself could be an uphill task sometimes. The world and its system will no doubt make it difficult. You will be knocked from all directions. People will call you all sorts of names; arrogant, proud, pompous, self-serving, self-centred and all whatnots. 
But, self affirmation and faith in your self will be the best gifts you can ever give to yourself. 
Loving and celebrating yourself is a responsibility you might not want to leave only to others. Their charitable hearts might be too busy to see the things that you feel they should see. And, if care is not taken, you might go through life without anybody ever realising what a priceless treasure you are.
So, take charge! Celebrate yourself! Shout it from the mountain top that you are all these things and more. 
You will be doing yourself and the entire world a favour!!
The following are words that I use to describe myself. And this is who I am.
Join me and make them your mantra!
A wise woman once told me that if you say it long enough, they will become a part of you. 
And as a man who I have a lot of respect for, always says, "Keep saying it! Don't stop talking it!

"I know who I am and I've got a pretty good idea where I'm coming from and where I'm headed to.
My life can only get better and it will.
I am very well blessed with wonderful friends and the best family anyone can ask for.

I am affectionate, amicable, adventurous and ambitious.
I am beautiful, brave, bright and broad-minded.
I am calm, charming, clever, compassionate, creative and courageous.
I am courteous and considerate.
I am decisive, determined, dynamic and diligent.
I am emotional, energetic, enthusiastic, extroverted, exuberant and easy going.
I am fair-minded, faithful, fearless, frank, friendly and funny.
I am gentle, good and gregarious
I am hard-working, helpful, honest and  humorous.
I am imaginative, impartial, independent, intelligent, intuitive, inventive,
I am loving, loyal, modest and nice.
I am optimistic, passionate, patient, polite, persistent, powerful, practical and pro-active.
I am quick-witted, rational, reliable, reserved, resourceful and romantic

I am self-confident, self-disciplined, sensible, sensitive, sincere, sociable, straightforward, sympathetic and strong-willed.
I am thoughtful and tough
I am unassuming and understanding.
I am versatile, warmhearted, willing and witty...

I am all of these and many more.
Some of these, I was born with,
Others, I have learnt along the journey...

I am me. And me is a complete package.
Not perfect, but, then, I don't need to be.
I am all of these and many more.

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