Monday, 19 May 2014

For you see..

We should be fully aware of the fact that to every coin, there are always two sides.  We should know that everything we say, do or think will mean different things to different people at different times. We should actually expect and accept that people will many times misunderstand, disagree or have varying opinions about our words or deeds.
I guess that, just like the rest of us, I am also sometimes guilty of forgetting this.
However, I have taken a decision that I will always believe the best of everyone around me.
I will give people the benefit of doubt. I will believe that the people in my life are noble and kind and generous and intelligent.
I chose to believe that nobody is out to hurt me or do me bad, at least not intentionally. I will never be too quick to judge or to jump to conclusions.
And, if I have to, I will remind myself that I just might be mistaken. I will remind myself that love is patient, kind and thinks no ill.
And, I have decided that every time, no matter what, I will chose to display the gentility of words and manner that love gives.
For you see, I have chosen to love...
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