Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lost Virtues

Some weeks ago, I took a decision. At first, it seemed like it was just one of those things you decide to do out of curiosity, but now, I´ve discovered a lot more things about myself... I´m actually quite surprised.
I wish I could claim to be forty, that way, I could say it´s something like "midlife crisis", but no, I´m not that lucky... So, I take full responsibility and my conclusion is that I´m losing my vitrues...
 I´m not a better or worse person, I´m just losing some of the conventional inhibitions that have been a part of my life for so long.
I´m different. I miss them sometimes, those conventions, when I remember, the point being that I hardly remember.
I´m exploring, going beyond borders, taking risks.
I´m laughing and sometimes my heartbeat skips.
I´m observing, learning to let go of certain tabues.
I´m redefining a lot of things,
I´m rewriting my priorities.
I´m still me... still a believer... with less virtues, but a believer all the same.
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