Friday, 19 August 2011

The World Youth Day.

I'm not a Catholic, but I have respect for "most things" that have to do with Christainity even when I don´t agree with them.
My first mistake was not knowing that the Pope was visiting till a few weeks to the event. I really don't have anything against the Pope, at least I can´t think of any right now, but somehow... I just didn't pay attention. I blame it on exams just like I blame my 3times a year exams for a lot of other things.
Ok, now the Pope´s finally here, and I haven't gone to see the dear man. Even worse, I've no plans whatsoever of going anywhere near Cibeles... well, the National Library is close enough ... You know, I've got exams coming up (sorry, I couldn't help it). But definitely not Cibeles and most definitely not the Pope.
Today I ventured out of the library to the city centre and I came this close to disliking the pope. I mean, with the thousands of people on the street, in the underground, in the shops, they were everywhere, and they wouldn't stop singing and shouting and screaming. Supposedly, they are good for the country's tourism sector, but  seriously, the whole business is bad for my health. To make matters worse, the weather sucks, it was too gaddamn hot!
I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think and my head began to ache... more than enough reasons to harbour some not-deserved negative sentiments towards this Pope.
There are a lot of implications, effects and defects of the popular or unpopular visit, politically, socially and otherwise, and you might wonder why I choose not to bother my head about them ... the answer is very simple. I don't see why I have to, a lot of other people are already on that job full time. Also, remember that I just said that I couldn't think... Besides, things are bad enough as they are, without me adding to the number of groaners and whinners who continually bemoan and decry the world's situation with its economic, political, religious and social ills.
So, I'd rather limit myself to decrying the fact that my city, the streets and the metro has suddenly been taken over by "aliens" from the world over and that my head has been aching for the past 2 day + I can't study. I'd limit myself to blaming it on the Pope's visit, and I'll limit myself to enumerating all the reasons why I should momentarily dislike the Pointiff.
Unfortunately for me, I couldn't bring myself to do it... dislike the Pope, I mean. Afterall, he's Christain and he stands for "most" things Christain, something I still identify with.
I might still have some virtues left.
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