Monday, 14 July 2014

Give. Of yourself, your time, and your resources.

Everyone who knew my mum will attest to the fact that she was one of the truly generous people that have walked this earth.
She was always willing to lend a helping hand or assist people in need, whether they asked her to or not. Oft times, she didn't wait to be asked for help. She just perceived a need, and then takes it upon herself to fix it. For family, friends, colleagues, patients, people from church, neighbours, acquaintances, even for strangers. She gave to people who loved her and also to people who didn't. It didn't matter to her who you are, what you need nor when you need it. Her policy was simple: If she can proffer a solution, she will.
She shared our food, and our clothes. She made us share our rooms and most times our beds. We shared our books and even at one point, she gave away our school uniform and we had to make do with one set each, until she raised money to make new sets for us.
She helped people with school fees for their children. She gave medications to people who needed it without asking for payments. She forgave debts and overlooked somethings that we considered unforgivable.
At one point, while she working in a rural village where water was scarce, she gave away our water.
She spent time with people, just because she said they needed someone to talk to. I remember going on walks with her and then coming back alone or with someone else, because along the way, someone needed something.  I had gone shopping with my Mum and seen half of the things we bought disappear on the way before we got home. I have seen her buying things we don't need, just because, "you never know who might need it tomorrow".

Mum never stopped giving. She was convinced that as long as she gave, she will never know lack.
She was right. We never lacked. Sometimes, we had too much of things and sometimes we had just enough. But, we never ever went hungry. We were never short of anything that truly mattered. We knew no lack.

I learnt and I'm still learning to give. To give what I have and sometimes even things I don't have.
I have learnt never to hold on to any material thing while someone might have need of it.
I am learning to count myself only as a custodian of things and to have a free hand and willing spirit that will not hesitate to give them away when someone else needs them.
I am learning as far as I am willing to give, things will always find their way to me, but so also will people who need them.
My time, my resources, myself and all that I have and will ever have is not mine to keep.
I have learnt to give to God. I have learnt to give to others. And, I am learning to, occasionally give to myself.
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