Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Prayer.

My heart and prayers go out to all mothers who have lost a child. May you be comforted and strengthened. May your hearts smile through the emptiness and sadness you may feel. May you recieve the grace to celebrate the lives they lived, the blessings and joys they brought you and all who knew them in their lifetime, no matter how short you might think that was. May you find some joy in the fact that your child had touched and brightened the lives of people in so many beautiful little ways that you might never know.

To all who have lost pregnacies, to the ones who have had stillbirths, may you be consoled. May the grief you feel not hinder you from celebrating the lives they might have had. May you receive the healing that is available and may you find the strength to move on. 
May you look up and find him/her numbered among the lovely, precious and twinkling stars. 

To all who yearn to have a child of their own, may your prayers be answered speedily. May your home and your heart be overturned by the gentle and melodious laughter of your bambinos. 
But, until then, may your hearts overflow with love for every child. May you learn to walk tall and strong as the mother you are even if you've never born or cradled a child and may you never allow anyone or anything make you feel any less. May your lives be full and may you find ways to fill and deal positively with the void the absence of a desired child might create.

To all mothers who are surrounded by their offsprings, may your strength never fail you. May all your hard work and sacrifices bear great and admirable fruits in the lives of your tots. May all your choices and decisions in their upbringing be both correct and timely. May the love in your heart for those young ones work miracles in their lives, filling them with every positive and commendable virtues. 

To all mothers whose children might have deviated from good, to the ones whose progenies might have been negatively influenced, to the ones whose descendants might have gone off the wrong track, may they find their way home. May your bleeding heart be alleviated and may you find joy in the fruits of your wombs.

May our children bring us joy, happiness and jubilation. 
May we delight in them. 
May we always have reasons to be proud of them and they of us.
May they be crowns and jewels and may the only tears they bring be those of joy. 
May they be shielded from evil and malevolent influences. 
May they know to make the right choices, and if they do sometimes step out of line, may they learn quickly from mistakes and may they always find their way back home. 
May they know to treat us and everybody in their lives well. 
May they be just and upright men and women. 
May the labours of their hands yield the best results. 
May they prosper in all they put their hands to do. 
And may love, peace and cheer always find them.
Grace and blessings abounds to all mothers.
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