Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Mirrored Image.

In front of the mirror,
Looking at the woman she has become.
She forgot to count the years
She was instead transfixed by the reflection looking back at her.

The lines caught her eyes,
but they are laugh lines.
the wrinkles creased,
but they are the lives she has lived.

Her eyes glowed,
With the promise of fulfilment.
There is peace within,
for the assurance that she has weathered most storms.
There is no sadness in her eyes.
She is rather expectant.
And ready to live, to give and to love.

Doubt momentarily flickered.
Fear threatened.
But then, she remembered that the tears always dries up.
And, she remembered that she always found reasons to smile.
And then, her smile deepened and brightened her horizon.

The mirrored image is the woman she has become.
Full of life and vigour.
Endowed with graceful gait.
Emboldened by faith.
And assured of a golden sunset when it is evening.
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