Monday, 15 April 2013

The second day.

My sweet Lady D,

I’m sad, so sad...

I want to say “I love you” once again, and again...
Remember that I said it first? And you felt a little bit frightened? 

I still love you. With all my heart, with all my being.
I never knew anyone like you. You are pretty, kind, clever, goodhearted... and a lot more things, that are way beyond my vocabulary.
And you are hot. You make me shiver, shake, heat and desire you every time we are close to each other.
I've never felt this way, never. There has been no woman in this world who make me feel like that.

For such a long time your smile has been the light that illuminates my life. You helped me so much during the bad times. And there’ll be bad times... Who knows that better than us?

Oh Lord! I’m sad...

So many good memories come to my mind just now!

My sweet Lady D,

You will always be with me. I will carry you in my heart, my person, my feelings and my dreams anywhere I go, whatever happens.

I hope you can forgive and still love this stupid guy that messed everything up with his unstoppable and restless, silly mind.

I’m so sad...

I hope some day we can try again. I promise you to grow and be better.
I’ll try my best to never hurt you again, never. If you could only wait for me... If I could only wait for you...

I love you, my sweet Lady D,

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