Friday, 7 November 2014

How To Build Your Self Confidence And Keep It.

Many people are oft held back from pursuing their dreams because of fear of failure as well as a lack of self-confidence needed to overcome that fear.
Undoubtedly, overcoming a habit of fear and changing a lifetime spent wallowing in diffidence requires a battle. It is a battle you will need to fight over and over again, but once you know that you can beat them, that you can break through that wall of fear and come out on the other side, you will find yourself moving from success to further success.

Whether you are struggling with building your self confidence or you want to keep improving yours, I invite you to join me over the next few days as we explore ways to improve our self confidence and consequently overcome all and every fear that might try to limit us from achieving our highest potentials:

Today, we will be looking at 5 ways that could help you improve your self confidence.

  1. Believe that you can actually increase your self confidence. Lack of self confidence is not something genetic, and you do not have to be reliant on others to increase your self-confidence. Nobody was born with a low level of self confidence. By taking concrete actions you can improve your competence, your self-image, you can increase that self-confidence. But, first, believe it is in your hands to bring about the change you desire. And if you don't believe you can do better, you won't. It really is that simple. 
  2. Change your thoughts. Think positive. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. You are what you think. Stop thoughts that are limiting and self-defeating. Cut your negative thoughts immediately and replace them with thoughts that are positive and confident. 
  3. Change your words. Talk positive. As Lisa M. Hayes said, “Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.” Your words have tremendous power over you. You tend to believe words that both you and other people say about you. When you change what you say about yourself, it will be easier for other people will follow suit. The more you repeatedly send positive messages to yourself, the more confident you will become. 
  4. Change your actions. Act positive. If you can change what you do, then you have changed who you are. So, change your actions, one action at a time. Do things that will reinforce your strengths and improve your overall faith in your self. Things for yourself and for others. Channel energy into positive actions and you'll see how your self confidence begin to take an upward hike. 
  5. Stop comparing yourself with anyone. Quit exhausting your energy trying to be like someone else. Each person is different, and there is a lot you don't know about that person and the image they are portraying to the rest of the world. Every body is fighting a different battle, so focus on your own battles and win them. Be an authentic you. Convince yourself that the only person you should strive to better than is the person you were yesterday. And you set out to do this, your self confidence will continue to rise steadily. 
It was E.E Cummings who said that once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.

Please, share your own ideas or experience about how you have improved your self confidence.
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