Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Stay True To Your Faith And Your Beliefs.

My Mum has always been someone who knew her own mind. At a very young age, she took what appeared then to be a very unpopular decision regarding her faith. This decision somehow annihilated her from certain friends and family, but even despite all the lows she suffered as a result, she held on and very tenaciously so. 
She knew what she believed in and all through her lifetime she stayed true to those beliefs.
These days, when I see people , some of who had mocked her at the time, towing the same line she did many years ago, I can't help but marvel at her foresight and her tenacity of purpose.
She always said that it's paramount to recognize what's important in life and what matters most to you. She found what truly mattered and she held on. And she managed not only to do that, but also she taught us to do the same. 

"Your faith, your beliefs will carry you a long way. A time will come when these two might seem like all you got, but you'll find that they'll be enough", she would say. "And when all seems lost my dear, stay loyal to those things that matter most".

A trail blazer she was. And, she was not afraid to show it. 
And, I learnt from the very best. 
To stay true to my faith. 
To stand up for what I believe in. 
I learnt to focus on that which truly matters. 
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