Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Respect. Cont'd

In an earlier post, we were talking about respect and how much easier it makes life for us. If you missed it, read it here. 
Now, let's look at what respect is and what it's not. 

Respect is Not a Sign of Weakness

People might think that showing respect is a sign of weakness. But, that is a mistaken notion. Respect doesn’t make you obliged to anybody. When you feel a sense of antipathy towards anyone, it'd be better if you tried to stay calm and emotionally neutral. There's no situation that can not be handled when treated with respect. And, it is always a great pleasure to communicate with people and have relationships built on mutual respect. 

Showing respect to the people you meet will make them feel, valued, confident and contented and in turn, they will be better people to the people in their lives. It becomes a circle. A healthy one.
Real weakness is to give way to negative emotions all the time and hurt everyone on your way.

If you have difficulty respecting others, then you should probably start with showing respect for yourself.
When you begin to treat yourself with respect, you will become an absolutely confident person, and you will find it easier to reflect the feeling of respect on others, even on the ones that are not on your list of favourite people. 

Respecting the disagreeable ones might be difficult, but totally worth it. 

Disagreeable people, just like other life's difficulties are a crucial part of life's wonderful lessons. Everyone knows that people can exert either positive or negative influence on each other. Unfortunately, we tend to focus more on negative experiences than on positive life surprises. Consequently, we learn more lessons from unsuccessful situations. 

Undoubtedly, when you learn to give respect to the people who you might have genuine reasons to dislike, it is one of those life lessons that qualifies you to rise to the next and higher level.

When you understand that spreading cheer and joy is better than being a distributor of vile and malicious emotion, you'll discover that being more careful and tactful in words and deeds is worth every effort. After a while, it becomes a habit and a constant motivation to inspire and bless others. 

You should know that you can not be friends with everybody you meet, you should know that everybody will not like you. And, really it's ok. It is however essential to develop a personalized approach to everyone, knowing everyone is different. You do not have to be friends with them, but you can build and foster good and cordial relationships, based on respect with the world around you. Sometimes it will happen that your respectful treatment will make people change their attitude towards and even if they chose not to, respect their right to that choice.

Respect is the Best World Currency

Respect is one of the most important and essential human values that can never be replaced by money or anything else. People usually spend much time searching for respect in order to build a good reputation.
Wherever you go, whoever you meet and whatever you do, you should never forget about respect. This wondrous value can provide you many chances and opportunities. People’s hearts are open to those who treat them with love and respect.
There are people who say that if people fear somebody, they’ll respect them. I do not agree with this idea, because only weak, feeble, and cruel people build artificial respect based on fear, deceit  and violence. 
Obedience and respect might have something in common, but they’re different. Obedience can be reached by threats,  intimidations or a sense of obligation. Respect can exist only in the relationships built on mutual understanding and benevolence.

Respect should be an essential part of our daily life. This precious value will help us to live life in a greater peace and balance. Respect will provide added support and will act as a springboard in reaching goals and making life easier.

I hope you realize that respect is the choice of highly strong and confident people. 

What is respect for you? 
How do you show respect to the people in your life, even the ones you consider disagreeable or rivals?

Please, share your thoughts with us.
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